"The Uprising"

Weekly Youth Events

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The Uprising Wednesdays 6:15-7:30PM in the Youth Basement

The Uprising is open to students grade 7-12. Each week we spend time in worship and Bible discussion. The Uprising is a  great place to ask questions you have about, the Bible, Christianity, Jesus, life, etc. A few of the topics we will be discussing this fall include: the power of words, the Book of Revelation, the greatest commandments, spiritual gifts, etc. The church will be open at 5:00 to allow students time to hang out before The Uprising begins.


Arise Grow Groups Sunday Mornings 9:40 to 10:40 AM in Youth Basement

Our youth small groups (students grade 7-12) take place on Sunday mornings during the Sunday school hour. Students will gather together to watch a short video or listen to a lesson then divide into small groups for discussion and prayer led by an adult or college age sponsor. Our hope is that having small groups on Sunday mornings will allow our students with busier schedules to enjoy the benefits of a small group.


Sunday Night Fellowship 6:00-8:00PM  in Youth Basement

The Sunday night fellowship is specifically designed to help keep our youth ministry in balance between fellowship (fun), discipleship (growing in Godliness), and missions (active faith). That means every Sunday night fellowship will be a little different. One week we may go on a prayer walk around the Canyon schools; another week we might have a guest speaker from a local ministry; other weeks we will simply play dodgeball. Sunday nights will also be our primary time for holiday parties and special events. One thing that will be consistent on Sunday nights will be the light supper we serve.